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4 Super ideas for successful investing

February 19, 2018 Boris Dreschler 0

Start saving now! The saying “there’s no time like the present” is particularly meaningful when it comes to saving and investing. That’s because of the magic of compound interest, sometimes referred to as the ‘rule […]

Personal Finance

Retirement Investing

January 3, 2016 Boris Dreschler 0

You probably have several different reasons why you want to invest your money. Overall, you want to increase the money you have as much as possible with as little risk of losing it as possible. […]

Personal Finance

Insurance Law: Duty of Disclosure

December 13, 2015 Boris Dreschler 0

Insurance policies are first and foremost, contracts just like any other. However, one salient distinguishing feature of an insurance contract as against other contracts is that insurance contracts are contracts uberrimae fidei. What this means […]

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Insurance Law in Brief

December 7, 2015 Boris Dreschler 0

Many people’s lives touch upon an insurance policy in one way or another. Sometimes, you do not realize that insurance policies are currently covering the place where you work, live or even the vehicle or […]