Cool to be Frugal

5 Ridiculous Ways to Save Money

October 28, 2017 MrsFrugal 0

When it comes to frugal living, it’s possible to save money if you make certain lifestyle choices. Without kids and pets, you could save a lot each year. But many of us like the emotional […]

Cool to be Frugal

Make Money with Your Money

September 2, 2015 MrsFrugal 0

While a significant portion of the just-out-of-college population is overwhelmed by student loans, rent, and other miscellaneous expense, it is possible for any person at any stage of life to begin planning for the future […]

Cool to be Frugal

Stop Wasting and Start Saving

June 13, 2015 MrsFrugal 0

Do you make frequent trips to the store to replenish household items or groceries? Do you even realize how much gets wasted on a daily basis? Most of us don’t. We live in a wasteful […]

Cool to be Frugal

Nine Tips to Save Money on Gas

June 10, 2015 MrsFrugal 0

While gas prices are slowly falling down to a more bearable price, the high cost of gas is still playing havoc in the pockets of the American public. Two of the most obvious ways to […]