Money Matters

You Don’t Need An Emergency Fund

October 27, 2018 Levi Simonds 0

I’m going to tackle one of the most seemingly unsurmountable pieces of personal finance advice out there: you should have an emergency fund. Before you read on further, this is a Devil’s Advocate post, which […]

Money Matters

8 Easy Debt Reduction Tips

September 1, 2018 Levi Simonds 0

Many people have come to a time in their lives where debt is lingering. It may seem that there’s no way out of the vicious circle of accumulating debt, but this is not true. Debt […]

Money Matters

How to climb out of debt

July 24, 2018 Levi Simonds 0

All it takes is one misstep to fall into a sinkhole of debt. Unfortunately, it may take several moves–some painful–to claw your way out. There are things you can do to begin the long journey […]

Personal Finance

Managing your Retirement money

March 22, 2018 Levi Simonds 0

The question is how different it is to manage larger sums of money compared to a few lakhs when one is young. My view is it becomes simpler if you know what you are doing. […]

Money Matters

Emergency Debt Management

October 26, 2017 Levi Simonds 0

If your finances are not just messy, but causing anxiety attacks, then it’s time to go into EMERGENCY mode. If you can no longer meet the minimum payment or you are continually forget payment for […]

Money Matters

Bills coming out your ears.

September 26, 2015 Levi Simonds 0

Are you flooded with bills, mailbox overcrowded, sick of taking phone calls from debt collectors, people knocking at your door at ungodly hours wanting their money, your belongings at the brink of being repossessed, losing […]