Student and Money

How To Get College Financial Aid

August 1, 2018 Bolden Chanel 0

In this article I will be talking about how to get college financial aid & how to make sure/negotiate the amount of aid given. Every undergraduate and graduate college student in the United Stated is […]

Student and Money

5 Reasons to Skip College

November 5, 2017 Rajesh Solanki 0

When I was younger, the plan for my future was pretty straightforward. You go to high school to learn, get good grades, and get into a good college. You go to college to get good […]

Student and Money

Financial Planning for College

September 28, 2017 Bolden Chanel 0

In the day of state-wide lotteries, students don’t realize it but more college funding and educational scholarships are available than ever before. There are a lot of reasons you won’t receive those and the main […]

Student and Money

Investing While in College

December 31, 2015 Bolden Chanel 0

College students are notorious for being broke.  It’s not that they are too lazy to earn money with a job or that they waste all their money all the time, although for some this could […]