4 Books towards better finances and investments

4 books towards better finances and investments 1

I found below four books amazing, in my journey towards better finances and investments.

1. You can be Rich too with goal based investing by P V Subramanyam and M Pattabiraman.

This is a good, practical book for any Indian investor of any age. For anyone who wishes to take control of his/her finance this book is a must read. Very simply put, even an amateur in finance will be able to understand and implement.

Others are for Direct Equity investors only, since I am studying them I thought of sharing. Please feel free to share your favorites.

2. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.
This is supposed to be a Bible but I found it hard to read and tough to relate since it is US focused and a bit dated. Though use it as reference.

3. Investment Fables: Exposing the Myths of “Can’t Miss” Investment Strategies by Aswath Damodaran.
This is by far one of the most enlightening books on investment strategies, fallacies and critical evaluation. The author is a legend in valuation and has immense clarity. Even his website, blog and video series on YouTube is brilliant.

4. Art of Wealth Creation by Ramdeo Agrawal.
This book is a compilation of 22 annual wealth creation studies by the well known investor. It is fully based in Indian market context and economy and by far most relevant one I found. Even the WC study data is available for free on their website.