4-ways to Make Our Money Earn More

4-ways to make our money earn more 1

Books have no alternatives as yet with regard to learning and earning knowledge.

Money, especially our own, needs careful planning and constant nurturing. To help secure our finances and maximize earnings of our investments, Books by Mail has selected the following titles on personal investments and finance to fill our need for professional counseling in securing our financial future. Take advantage of years of accumulated wisdom on how to handle our own money thruo0gh these latest books on investments and finance.

Personal finance:

1. Money Shock  By James Jorgensen. 224 pages

Finally here’s a book, written for the average consumer that not only explains the enormous changes in our financial services but more importantly guides us on how to take advantage of these innovations to our advantage.

2. Dollars and Sense: Financial Wisdom in 101 doses By Gerald W. Perritt. 412 pages

A Comprehensive primer on money management handily dispensed in quick, to the point chapters. Covers many areas of personal finance from credit cards, to bank accounts, to taxes, to retirement planning and much more.

3. Common Cents: the complete money management workbook By Judy Lawrence. 84 pages

Helps to put sensible financial planning in black & white. Conveniently offers ready-made, easy to follow worksheets to help us organize our finances and take full control of our money.

4. The Manager’s lifelong money book By David M. Brownstone and Jacques Sartisky 250 pages

Here’s a comprehensive source-book for all business people on how to attain financial security. It is a fundamental guide to money, investing, insurance, and real estate investments.