5 Excellent Books to learn Personal Finance Specific to India

Books to learn personal finance india

What are some good books or resources to learn about personal finance specific to India?

Books are always a person’s best friend for self-teaching. Learning about personal finances is not easy for a person without any guidelines. And a good book or meaningful resource can certainly aid in this learning. In India, the economy tends to fluctuate with time. So, you must be capable enough to tackle the personal finance goals with tested guidance. These books and resources discussed here can serve the purpose of the same.

Retire Rich: Invest Rs.40 a Day

Retire Rich: Invest Rs.40 a Day is a phenomenal book by P.V Subramanyam. He tells the reader how to plan early for finance after retirement. His formula to keep aside Rs. 40 a day for the old age is praiseworthy. How simplified modulation of personal finance he has shown to the reader! You will get every finance-related issues you need to know before retiring. The author has also guided about ‘Retirement Goal Setting.’

The possible doubts that come in a reader’s mind about planning sound personal finance are here too. Afterwards, the author has cleared the doubts with the power of his researched financial tricks. After going through this fantastic book, you will learn to spend in a regulated way without harming your daily expenditure.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

The fantastic author Robert T. Kiyosaki has some proven ideas about new ideas on finance. Rich Dad Poor Dad has mainly Kiyosaki’s personal experiences during his days in Hawaii. He has outlined six lessons for the reader. The book claims to be a personal finance book. The theory, established here, is tried and tested by many people across the globe. It is still valid for the people who are struggling to be happy with finance in India.

Once you go through the ideas framed in the book to maintain well-balanced finance, you will learn to be happy with your life. This book is not only on investment but also on managing life along with it. You will learn to venture in entrepreneurship and business. And this book is also well-known for increasing an urge in finance management.

You Can Be Rich Too: With Goal-Based Investing

It is simple to invest the right amount. But it is only easy if you know how to do it. P.V Subramanyam and M. Pattabiraman are the authors of this popular book on personal finance. You will never regret buying; You Can Be Rich Too: With Goal-Based Investing, if you read it correctly to understand the motto of the writers. A clear idea of personal finance management is here in this book. You will get some practical yet applicable ideas to enrich knowledge on personal finance management.

The book has a positive review on creating real ways to wealth. You can start it early so that you can be successful in being rich in the future. This book on personal finance management is worth reading.

You Can Be Rich: A Practical Guide to Financial Planning by Times Group

You can get some wealth acquiring ideas form this book called ‘You Can Be Rich: A Practical Guide to Financial Planning.’ This book has a perspective on Indian financial management. There are some well-described savings and earnings theories for understanding money better. Most of the readers have praised the financial-literature proven by the author. A perfect self-educating finance management book is here to grow wiser financially.

Think and Grow Rich

Napoleon Hill’s transformative book ‘Think and Grow Rich‘ has collected applauses worldwide. This book is a doctrine on self-help and self-guidance while venturing in entrepreneurship. Here you will get some worth to follow ideas to step into the process of being a wealthy person. The author’s personal quest on finance and life has helped to craft the concept of the book.

Final note

You can read these books discussed here to learn better finance management. The best way to educate yourself about finance is by reading these resourceful books for authentic guidance. Thus you will learn to manage personal finance without any professional help.