People always ask me for tips on buying stocks online for beginners and I’m quite happy to share my knowledge. I also had problems when I first started investing in the stock market. There is so much information about stocks out there it is quite hard to narrow it down and just give someone a quick answer. Well I will give you 3 easy tips in the stock market, but I can not promise to make you money.

One: Buy the novel by Ben Graham, this novel is called The Intelligent Investor, and it is one of the greatest novels about the stock market ever written. This novel has the main information behind value investments. After you have read the book, re read it again and again. Make sure you know this like the back of your hand, and this will really help you to choose which stock to invest your money in. It’s much more in depth and helpful than any stocks for dummies book. This book will also give you great information that you need to help get you started.

Two: Make an account with Google Finance, it is free. I cannot explain to you how great this is for finding background information about companies. Google is great with helping you and are very smart with what they are doing.

Three: Create your stock broker account for free which will allow you to purchase shares. These accounts will differ by location, so I can not recommend any certain one, but I do think you should definitely do some research before you give away your information. Most of these companies will give you tools somewhat similar to Google Finance.

So, there you have it, buying stocks for beginners can be made more simple by just learning about the basics and then using your tools and information from your stock broker. If you use all this you could do very well.