Cash or Credit?

Cash or credit? 1

Paying cash is always safe while paying credit card can be somewhat complicated. When to pay cash and when to use a credit card?

When to pay cash:

  1. The store where you purchase something will not accept credit card. Isn’t it obvious?
  2. You have to pay cash when the purchase you’ve made is a little amount of value.
  3. You can pay cash when you think that the store where you purchased something is somewhat not reliable.
  4. Pay cash when you think you can and pay cash when you don’t like to be billed with a high interest next month.

When to use a credit card:

  1. Use your credit card when you purchased a big amount of price.
  2. If you have an aim to make your credit card reach to its high limit, let’s say you aim for a 10,000 credit limit, used your credit card always. I’m sure the bank will upgrade your credit limit.
  3. Use your credit card when you don’t have cash.
  4. Pay by the used of credit card when you cannot afford the price right now and you know you can afford it next month(huh?, just the same…)
  5. If you wanna purchased, like cars, computers and any appliances, using your credit card is very helpful. Though, you need to pay for the interest.
  6. When you want to shop online, you can used your credit card. When you pay something on the internet you can used it. You need to be cautious about it though.

Well, cash or credit card? It’s just the same, you still have to pay for it.