Develop a Mindset for Financial Success

Develop a mindset for financial success 1

What is it you were told about money when you were a child? Something about money not growing on trees or it’s the root of evil?

Well, how will you plan to succeed monetarily if you believe this?

Firstly, thinking money doesn’t grow is an illustration of what is called scarcity thinking. Our parents told us there wasn’t enough money to round, and that it was scarce. But really, our universe is very plentiful, and there’s lots of money for us all.

The key is to think you deserve to have cash, and that there’s a lot of it for you. Then you can begin to put it into life. That’s abundance thinking, and is a much better outlook than scarcity thinking.

What about believing “money is the mother of all evil”? Do you expect to be successful if you think money is bad? Unless you want to be evil, your subconscious won’t allow you to have money if you truly think it is the root of evil.

And also, that quote has changed over the years. It’s originally known as “the love of money is the root of all evil”. So it’s isn’t anything to do with actual money.

Now you understand, you can begin thinking money is actually good. You’re able to help out other people with money. You could help the economy with money. Even the most spiritual person, that believes they don’t have a need for money, must admit they could do their part to make our world a better place by using money rather than not.

And how about “all the rich folk are greedy”? This starts the “us against them” way of thinking, where you label all “them” greedy. You, then again, believe yourself to be very generous. That is why you have no cash, because you’re the opposite of greedy.

Of course, there are rich people who are greedy. However, there are greedy poor people as well. There are poor and rich who are very generous as well. The amount of cash you own has no bearing on these traits.

Actually, many rich people get success by being giving. If you have a giving mentality you’ll open a stream of money that brings more. You’ll find the same thing, give a little money happily, and see it come back to you in a different form. We needs its own balance of giving and taking, and being happy giving, and receiving will make sure that you go with the flow.

Changing your mentality from the teachings when you were younger to an improved outlook on money will let you achieve the financial success you’re worthy of.