Do you want a few ways to save MONEY!?

Do you want a few ways to save money!? 1

There are always ways to save money….Don’t be afraid to try some, and remember that every little thing adds up:

Start with the house & your bills:

Turn down the heater a couple of degrees, or for those people who live in warmer areas turn down the air conditioner a little

Make sure that your house is weatherized (you can find items at Walmart to do this)

Check around with the electric and gas companies you use, there might be a cheaper company out there

Unplug the items that aren’t getting used. Just because the lamp isn’t on doesn’t mean that you’re not wasting energy!

These are just a few ways to save money, there are other websites to assist you.

Vehicle bills:

If you drive a huge truck that sucks the gas down, think about trading it in for a more gas efficient car or smaller truck.

If you carry a lot of things in your car just remember that every pound helps the gas gauge go down. If you keep your car cleaned out it will help.

If you really don’t have to go somewhere, just think about how much more gas that will leave you for when you have to go somewhere.

Ask your friends and family members which gas station has the cheapest price or what day they do specials. (I have a local gas station that takes 4 cents off on Sundays)


My number one rule: 90% of shopping is unnecessary! Think about what you are buying! Just think that if you donated that money, that you could change someones life.

When it comes to Christmas shopping: put a limit on it, and STICK with it!

Have you ever shopped at Salvation Army or thrift shops? Sometimes you can find better things there. YAH! they may be used, but items are more unique, and can help churches, or local foundations.

Take that money that you wanted to spend at the mall, and put it in your retirement. Someday you will thank yourself!