Financial Freedom: 7 Benefits of Getting Out of Debt

Financial freedom: 7 benefits of getting out of debt 1

Did you know there was a time in American history when people didn’t borrow money to buy their homes? Did you know that budgeting, saving up and paying cash for things used to be the rule rather than the exception? Did you know that as each generation comes along in the United States, it takes on more and more consumer debt? It’s all true. We Americans are borrowing money at rates never seen before and it’s going to get us in trouble. It’s time for us to buck that trend, buckle down, live on a budget, and pay off our debts! Getting out of debt will take some work, but there are a lot of great reasons to make the effort.

A Lesson Learned – As you put in all of that extra effort in budgeting, spending less, and working more, you’re going to really feel the true financial and emotional cost of borrowing money. It’s really easy to get into debt because there’s no cost up front and everything’s paid through the back end. By working hard and paying off your debt, you’ll be much less quick to jump back into it.

Cash Flow – Instead of writing huge checks to banks, credit card companies and mortgage lenders each month, you’ll actually have control of your money. You’ll be able to decide where you want it to go rather than having your financial obligations deciding where it goes for you.

Decreased Risk – By paying off all of your debts, you’ve significantly decreased the amount of financial risk you have in your life. You won’t have any monthly payments, so if you lost your job, the world won’t come tumbling down. You could probably squeak by with a service job until something better comes along.

Lower Stress Levels – When you’re in a significant amount of debt, it has a tendency to affect you in your inner-most being. We as Americans spend a lot of time worrying about our financial situations and it adds a significant amount of stress to our lives.

More Free Time – After removing debt from your life, you’ll spend a lot less time worrying about money, paying bills, and pouring over the budget to make it all work out. If one of the family members is working an extra part-time job to help pay the bills, after you get out of debt, there would be the freedom to not have to do that anymore as well.

Freedom To Do What You Want – By getting out of debt, you’ll no longer be an indentured servant to your banks and your creditors. If you want to get up and move to another part of the country or the world, you’ll be able to do it! If you want to take a lower salary somewhere else because it’s what you would love to do with life, you can do it! When you’re out of debt, you have so many more options than you did before. You can make decisions without having to question if you’ll still be able to pay your bills, and that my friend, is true freedom.