Five Easy Ways to Successful Saving

Five easy ways to successful saving 1

A few weeks ago, a stockbroker came to our school to encourage us kids to save our money and invest so that we too could have an ensured future. I want to share the 5 ways that I learned with you.

Start Now

As they say, it’s never too early to save. Time is an investment too and it’s running!

Invest your Money

Make your money grow. Go to Stock Exchange websites and observe the nature of stocks. Once you’re sure in the company you want to invest your money in, seek the help of a stockbroker.

Try to set aside a meager percentage of your earnings

This is where small things turn big in due time! This is the actual basic saving. Don’t spend everything you earn.

Set a goal

Identify your reasons for saving (Ex. You want to buy a car, open up a business, etc.)And make them motivate you.

Remember, it’s not how much you earn; it’s how you much you spend!

Sometimes, people go over their budget so they use their credit cards to purchase instead. But here’s the thing, once your money is not enough to buy you the things you want YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT.