I Just Saved a Bunch of Money on my Car Insurance

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance 1

Most of us have no idea how to select our auto insurance. When the topic drifts away from deductibles and rental re-imbursement the average person will drift away on a mental vacation, and hope that they have the right selections on their policies. Whether your selections come from a “do it yourself” auto insurance web shop or your own personal insurance agent, there are some things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best quote.

There are plenty of websites out there that offer an automated service advertising what they claim to be the best way to get a car insurance quote. Typically, this service will offer you a side-by-side comparison of 3 or 4 different agencies giving you a rate that is competitive enough to try and earn your business. It sounds like a great solution, however, the majority of these are offered on an insurers website, and the lowest quoted rate is typically from that same vendor. After all, they don’t want to loose business.

Going directly to an agent will offer you much of the same. The agent is, of course, going to pitch their services and coverage to be competitive in the market place. The biggest advantage of getting a quote directly from an agent is that they can explain the coverage to you in simple terms, so you aren’t bored to tears by legal terms and phrases that you will find in a do it yourself selection plan.

The best way to get a car insurance quote is to first off, know your limits. Know the amount of insurance you need to have, select a comfortable deductible and really weigh the cost effectiveness of rental reimbursement. Things that insurance companies build into their policies that seem convenient might not be a money saving option in the long run.

Start out by talking with an experienced insurance agent. Get referrals from friends or family on someone that they have worked with and trust. Sit down with them and ask them to explain the coverage limits, and have them put together a quote. Once you have a complete understanding of what you’re buying, it will make the selection process much easier.

It’s advisable to compare the insurance quote you just received with at least 4 different providers. Use the knowledge you gleaned from the professional that you have spoken with to comprise a list of questions to ask any other agent you receive a quote from. Knowing their jargon will help you decipher what changes they are making to their quote in making it competitive with others you might have looked at.

Once you know your products, and have obtained a few quotes directly from agents, it never hurts to look at the online do it yourself shops either. There are a few out there that are known for providing stellar service in the event of an accident while saving money by cutting out the middle man. If you have a good understanding of the legal terms and comfortable financial figures it’s easy to get a quote and adjust it online based on your needs.

Knowing the product when shopping for car insurance is the most fool proof and the best way to get a car insurance quote that is to your liking. Since not knowing the product well is the largest mistake people make there are many people paying far too much for their coverage. With a solid education on the coverage limits, you will find yourself in the driver’s seat when you get your next car insurance quote.