Is Health Insurance worth it?

Is health insurance worth it? 1

Health insurance, for those who have it, pays for medical and dental treatments in the event of illness. There are different types of health insurance policies that provide cover for care at varying levels. By qualifying for health insurance cover, paying the monthly or annual premium, you may claim on the insurance for your health care treatment needs.

Consider the benefits of health insurance

In a country such as the United Kingdom, having health insurance provides a number of benefits:

  • Access to medical and dental treatments through private care
  • Receiving treatments not available through the National Health Service (NHS)
  • Having more choices in healthcare provision
  • Getting treated faster without delay caused by waiting lists
  • Options to be treated abroad
  • Cover in event of emergencies

Increasingly, people are seeking treatments through private care, such as for orthodontic care, cosmetic treatments, implants and transplants. By having health insurance cover, a person may choose to be treated through private care and receive treatments otherwise not available through the NHS.

For example, dental treatments with invisible braces may not be available through the NHS, nor may an individual qualify for a weight loss surgery or treatment. Health insurance gives options in healthcare of provider and treatment.

Some people are placed on waiting lists due to the number of people seeking healthcare through the NHS. Waiting for a medical or dental treatment may cause discomfort, distress and even worsening of a medical or dental condition. By paying affordable monthly health insurance premiums, medical care may be accessed sooner and the costs are covered by the insurance company.

Insurers may partake in partnerships with other cheap medical aid companies, giving their members additional benefits, such as options in treatment abroad. More and more people are combining travel with treatments at world-class retreats.

Weighing private care versus NHS care

Certain people may benefit from gaining their care solely through the NHS. Those on benefits who cannot afford even the small monthly health insurance payment gain advantage from free medical and dental care through the NHS for meeting their treatment needs. In such cases, health insurance may not be suited.

Health insurance may suit the wider population, giving access to both NHS and private care. Any of us may be affected by an emergency situation at any time, whether on home soil or travelling abroad. Health insurance may provide the necessary cover at home and abroad to receive the treatment needed.

Cost of health insurance

There are choices in health insurance plans, what they cover and monthly premium amounts. Comparing providers is a start to learning how you may be able to access treatments of choice. Health insurance may be tailored to suit individual or family needs.