Learning About The Stock Market For Beginners

Learning about the stock market for beginners 1

When it comes to learning about the stock market, there is an overwhelming amount of information and number of sources for that information. This sheer volume of information can make learning about the stock market a very daunting and difficult task. Many people completely give up on learning about the stock market simply because there is far too much to learn and the typical desire most of us have is to see immediate results.

Unfortunately, this is the exact opposite mentality that one should possess when learning about the stock market. The simple truth is that the stock market is a complex organism that takes plenty of time and tons of reading/education to really comprehend let alone be able to best.

Think about it, if it was easy to make money on the stock market then every person on the planet would be trading paper to each other and making infinitesimal amounts of money for minute amounts of effort.

The old adage holds true here, if it is too good to be true then it probably is just that. When I set out, learning the stock market seemed like an impossible feat. What the hell is a P/E ratio? Why on Earth would I ever want to examine a company’s balance sheet? Do I really need to listen in on company calls?

It seemed nearly impossible, and it still feels that way. What I mean is, no matter how much you study, you will never stop learning about the stock market. There will ALWAYS be more knowledge to gain. New strategies to study. New sources of information. Etc. Etc. Etc.

If you are looking some ‘get rich quick’ scheme with the stock market, keep dreaming. But do it elsewhere. I am laying down the simple truth of the matter. The stock market is complex. But it IS comprehensible. You simply need to purchase a few books and DO THE WORK. If you’re serious about learning the stock market then you better be serious about doing your homework.

The first step is always education. To begin learning about the stock market, go buy some books. No, not the late night infomercial ‘guru’ books. Go to an actual book store and sift through a couple shelves to find what looks like it will teach you the most for your CURRENT knowledge level. Take the time to read the thing, then go back to the book store and get another that caters to your NEW knowledge level.

Rinse, repeat. I have a dozen or so books that helped me in learning about the stock market, and you should too. There is not such thing as an easy road here, and searching for one will only be a waste of time. Time that could have been used learning instead of wasting. In fact, if you take the time you spend looking for the easy route, and apply that toward legitimate study, then you would probably be exponentially further along toward your real goal than you would be if you continued looking for some ‘get rich over night’ B.S.

OK, rant over. In summary, if you’re serious about the endeavor then you NEED to put in the work if you are ever going to be successful in learning about the stock market.