LED Truck Lights: Catching The Trend

In automotive lighting technology, trucks have been catching up on custom cars. The big, bad machines are more popular as consumers prefer spacious interior and huge bodies. Trucks are now the new breed of customization from tire mags, replaceable bumpers, and LED lighting.

The use of LED technology

The range of LED light products for trucks is just as numerous as the products offered for cars. The products include LED light colors that reach 2.1 million shades, different light bars and running board lights, tailgate lights, replaceable strobe lights, and the usual headlights and brake lights. Thanks to LED technology, light bulbs that are small relative to the size of the truck can illuminate at far distances. LED lights are heavily used not only in truck and automobile lighting, but also in home, office, and theater lighting because of their cost efficiency, low power consumption, and low heat radiation. Their bulbs help the designers create flexible lighting strips that can go well in different places and spaces. LED lights have the right balance of absolute brightness and safe glare that helps radiate light with a glowing charm.

Led Lighting Products

One of the more all around LED lighting products for trucks are the six tube underbody LED lights. The LED light tubes can be fitted not only in trucks but also in SUV’s and large passenger cars. This kit can be digitally controlled after easy installation and comes in different colors that scans, strobes, fades, and pulses through music. The undercar truck lights are a sure fire solution to get your truck noticed on night road trips.

The newest product in LED truck lighting is the 2.1 million tube color kit. The number of colors these lighting kits can hold brings body lighting on a different level. The underbody lighting kit can cycle through every color shade while you have a choice to stick to one of the seven house colors. The digital control box features 14 control modes that can make your light dance through music. Although they are heavily used for trucks, the LED tubes are only one inch in diameter making it a valuable product in a tiny package. The staple items for custom trucks started with simple LED bar lights. The LED tail light running strips are placed in the rear of the car that can serve as a multipurpose rear light and can do different lighting tasks that brake lights and signal lights do. These strips can be installed without needing to drill holes on your truck body as you can mount them neatly with a self stick tape.

The white LED lights can also be used as reverse lights. Due to the durability of LED bulbs, most light strips for trucks come with a lifetime warranty. Truck bars come in 48 inch length while the longer strips can go up to 60 inches. LED running board lights are very useful for safety and visibility of the steps as you get in the car. LED running board lights can be placed strategically to illuminate the ground for aesthetic value.

Trend of LED Lighting

LED lighting has been more popular in model trucks than cars. This is attributed to the safety provided by bright lights that can scope to a longer range. Although trucks never took neon lighting as a customization medium, trucks have purposefully embraced LED lighting as it provides more visibility, less hassle, and better value for money. LED lights are also gaining ground on halogen and xenon lighting although it remains to be seen what lighting technology will win out as they are seem the same to the average consumer.

In developed countries the great demand for sport trucks, SUV’s and large passenger vehicles give LED lighting a higher consumer base. As more truck drivers look to improve on their vanilla trucks, lighting is starting to get higher in the priority list of things that needs to be upgraded or changed. LED lighting provides an infinite glow that transforms sports trucks as racing cars. Thus, the balance of ergonomic design, sport design, safety, and practicality put LED lights in the forefront of vehicle performance lighting.

So when you are looking for way to customize your truck, you can start with lighting it up. With these affordable light kits, the added glow is very distinguishable; more than any other upgrade that you can make with your truck. Remember that purchasing LED lights for your trucks is a way to get ahead of the trend that LED lighting has started in cars. As LED lighting will continue to grow in the next ten years, expects to see the truck market to adapt more LED bulbs in their vehicles while the automotive market makes positive steps in finding ways to integrate LED lights to your trucks.