Residual Income – Extra Income For Moms at Home

One of the biggest challenge families face today are the conciliation of their job with their family obligations. We are not in the 50′s or 60′s anymore where the man provided the income for the entire family while the woman stayed at home to raise children and work on the household tasks. The economic factors has changed a lot since then and one income is not enough for the majority of American families. In today’s families, the mom and the dad have to go to work to support the cost of living, and it becomes a real race for the parents to manage the family tasks from the moment you put a foot out of the bed till you go back to sleep in the evening. Children to feed, dress, drive to school or daycare center, go to work, comeback on time before 5:00 PM (because most daycare centers closes), eat dinner, help children to do their school homework, bath time, put them to sleep, then maybe get a rest if there are no more household tasks to do. You see the big picture? In these different economic times we have no choice but to have two or multiple incomes to secure the future of the family.

New moms… get back to work

The point we want to emphasize in this article is the painful moment where the new mom has to go back to work. You went through pregnancy, gave birth to your baby and pass the last 6 to 12 months with your baby but now you have to put him in a daycare center so you can go back to work to bring back that second income. How do you feel about that? Many of you are probably happy to take back your respective career, and that’s very good. But I know that millions of moms would like to stay home with their little darling. Well, have you ever consider working from home?

Two Types of income exist: linear income and residual income

Linear income means trading your time for money. You work on a time basis. If you stop working, you stop being paid. Residual income or recurring income means being paid forever for a work you have done once. No matter what can of income you want, it is possible for moms to stay home and find a work that best suit your needs.

What kind of jobs can you do? Here is a list of simple ideas you could start with. We will not go deeper into everyone of them as we just want to give you a place to start. You can do your own research easily and gather the information on the one you prefer.

Internet Business – Most people will use the internet to create their home jobs. Earning residual income from affiliate programs is one of the most popular. Companies pay you for referring their products and services. If you google affiliate programs, you will find tons of information about the subject and how to start a home business on the internet.

Start a Childcare Referral Services – Thousands of parents need trustable childcare services. Many of them don’t know where to look or don’t have the time to search for the best one for their children. That’s where you could step in.

Start a Home Laundry Business – Take a look at your colleagues, neighbors, friends. How many of them are running after the clock. Maybe you could start a home laundry business and find many potential customers that need to unload their household tasks. You could easily earn a 100 dollars a day in short period of time.

Earn a Living With Your Writing – If you like to write, you could easily earn some good income writing for others. Many people need content for their websites but don’t have the time to write, so they outsource their works to others. A site like, gather the two parties. As a writer, you can find or submit to people who are looking for you.

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