Save as a kid

Save as a kid 1

There are so many reasons to start saving when you are a kid. Even if it is just a five dollar a week allowance, that could add up. If you have no responsibilities and you live at home when you get your first job, than that is the easiest way in my opinion to start saving because if you can save one hundred dollars a week, that would be about five thousand dollars in a year. It does not sound like much but if you do that for three years than that would be over fifteen thousand and when you move out on your own, you will have money in case of an emergency.

Some debt problems for older people might have been preventable if they simply had a few thousand in the bank. Who knows, if people start saving as a kid, they might have enough to put themselves through college or maybe even buy a home.

Money when you are a young adult can be hard to come by sometimes and can be hard to get some, so at least if you saved a little bit of money, it will relieve some of the stress that is caused from owing money to something.