Save money with your holiday

Save money with your holiday 1

Everyone likes to go on holiday but not many of us like paying for them as after all they are one of the most expensive purchases that we make in a year. In order to save ourselves money like most purchases it is important that we shop around and compare prices from a wide variety of travel agents whether online or down your local high street.

The major benefit of shopping online for a holiday is that it is very simple for you to compare lots of prices of different holiday destinations very easily and quickly from the comfort of your own home, without having to stand about in a queue.

Which type of holiday deal is best for you depends when and where you want to go and how happy you are to book your own flights and accommodation or whether you would feel better just going to the one shop and letting them do all the work for you. The more flexible you are with your dates and destinations then the better the deal you are likely to get and if you are willing to leave booking your holiday until the last minute you have the chance of picking up a real bargain.

The package deals offered by travel agents can be competitively priced if you intend to go to some of the more common holiday destinations. The reason for this is that travel agents buy all the seats in the planes and most of the rooms in hotels they can negotiate cheaper prices for the accommodation and flights than you could on you own. However whether the price they intend to sell the package holiday to you is competitively priced is another matter.

The websites of travel agents such as Thomas Cook and Thomsons allow you to view accommodation in the area that you want to spend your holiday. Their sites also allow you to make your booking online, to compare local prices with those back home, to purchase your travel insurance, to purchase your foreign currency and travelers cheques, to arrange your car hire and purchase almost any other holiday related product you can think of. Some travel agents even offer special discounts for booking online as opposed to buying from their shop in the high street. In terms of getting a feel for how much it would cost to go to your desired holiday location this is a good place to start.

Once you know how much it would cost to go on a package holiday from one travel agent you simply visit another travel agents website to find out how much they would charge you until you find the best deal. You can then either buy this holiday or if you fancy saving possibly even more money why not try and see how much it would cost you to purchase tour flights and accommodation yourself.

A recent survey showed that more and more of us are taking this option to book our own individual holidays using online sites such as Trailfinders, Cheapflights and Expedia. Arranging your own holiday sounds a daunting task but in fact thanks to the internet it is fairly easy to do.

Whilst the package holiday might look like a good price you can save yourself even more money by getting yourself the best deal on accommodation in your holiday destination and by arranging the cheapest or most convenient flight times to suit your journey. You can also shop around to get the best deal on car hire (Hertz and Avis are two popular sites), on holiday insurance and on foreign currency rather than being tied to the one travel agent.

When buying foreign currency beware of people offering commission free deals as these tend to offer less competitive rates than others so be sure to compare the rates as well. Also always try to avoid using bureau de change at airports and ferry terminals as these tend to offer some of the worst deals so plan a little ahead of your holiday.