Stock Market Strategy

Stock market strategy 1

When it comes down to stock market investing tips, stock market strategies are one of the most abundant and diverse concepts you will encounter. The reason that so many stock market strategies exist is because very investor buys stock shares using a method that works for them. Investment tips are nothing more than someone stating what stock shares look like they will work for their own stock market strategy. There really is no other way to go about finding a stock market strategy than to develop your own.

Every supposed guru under the sun will give you investing tips, but do those pay off more than they don’t? Most likely not, and the reason is that the stock market strategies of the ‘guru’ leave out one critical piece: timing.

Timing with the stock market entails when to buy and when to sell to gain the most advantageous (read economically pleasing) results. If you want to know how to invest stocks, then timing is really all you need to know. Why? Because every stock market strategy involves the basic ‘buy low sell high’ mentality.

Really, all the common stock market strategies consist of is a way to determine when the low and the high occur (or the reverse if shorting). If you can learn to buy stock shares when YOU feel the price is at a low point, a point where it will rebound from, then you already have one part of the puzzle.

It is important for you to learn to do this so you do not blind buy stock shares based on another person’s opinion. An opinion that is inherently risky since it is human conceived and thus prone to error. This is the very reason why you should never let investment tips weight heavily on your pocket book. Take investing tips as nothing more than a suggestion that you can use a lead to perform further due diligence upon.

Once you learn how to buy the low, you only have the other half of the puzzle to go. The only investing tip I ever adhere to is to not get greedy. If I get the inclination that I should walk away, I do. If I miss out on extra gains, so what? I still have gains. And any gain is better than a loss.

So long as you can identify when YOU feel it is right to buy, and know when you are comfortable walking away with a gain or cutting off a loss, then you have your own bonafide tailor made stock market strategy. Stick with it and hone it over time. This is what all investors do. If someone had a reliable system that gave a reliable ROI, everyone would use it. No such system exists because everyone is different and needs their own person stock market strategies.

So do yourself a favor, use investment tips as nothing more than a hint at something you may want to do further due diligence on while using your own experience to develop stock market strategies that work for you.