Suddenly acquiring enormous wealth

Suddenly acquiring enormous wealth 1

If an enormous wealth was suddenly acquired then there would be many benefits, however, there would also be many disadvantages. I intend to give a brief overview of these advantages and disadvantages.

The most obvious benefit would be a new level of financial freedom; this would lead to the ability to make yourself and your family comfortable and to treat any friends or charities. You would be able to purchase most things you crave and a few you don’t!

The problems would also be just as powerful. How would you know who your real friends were? How would you know what you really do want? These would be questions that would creep up after a short period of time. Who really wants to be given everything on a plate with no need to work? There would be no aims or motivation to move up in there lives either at work or at home and it would be difficult to keep focused on every day activities that shape our personalities.