The Biggest Myth Of Stock Market Investing

The biggest myth of stock market investing 1

The Myth

The biggest myth of stock market investing is “You lose all your money”. I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of negative things regarding stock market investing from such people. These negative people will tell you how bad it is to invest into shares and they will also have ready made stories about how some people risked everything into the stocks and ended up becoming bankrupt. Just because some people invested their money in a wrong way and lost their money, does not mean that you will lose as well. You should try investing into stock market yourself. Go and experience it and don’t believe in such negative reviews regarding stock market.

Risk Everywhere

There is a risk in almost everything you do in life. If you’re driving a car or traveling by rail or air, anything stupid can happen. I mean there is a possibility right? So just because someone narrated you a horrible accident story, should you stop traveling? Sometimes pedestrians get run over by drunk drivers, so should you stop going out of home also? No right? You still do things where bad news circulate. So how did some bad examples related to stock market make you not try it?

Smart Investors

Let me tell you, you cannot imagine how many people out there are actually making so much money from stock market investing. The smart investors didn’t pay attention to the stupid examples of people losing money but in fact they looked up to the guys making money from the market. They learnt from their mistakes, they stood up every time they fell down. They are experienced and they invest their money properly. They know it’s hard earned money and they will not risk into stupid crappy stocks. They don’t think to double their money in a month, but they believe in getting good decent returns from the stock market.

Believe In Yourself

All you have to do is to believe in yourself. If others can earn from the market, then even you can. Don’t let the losers stop you from making money. When I wanted to start investing, I had people telling me how risky stock market is and gave me all sorts of reasons as to why I should not put my money into stocks. If I had really listened to them, I would have not have been able to earn what I do today. I would have put my money in bank fixed deposits and earned mere 7.5% annually. Since I like challenges, negative reviews pushed me more towards stock market investing and now I’m earning much more than 7.5% annually on my total investments. My only advice is to not believe everything others are saying, experience it yourself and only then decide.