Where should you invest before Diwali?

Where should you invest before diwali? 1

The tendency of the Indians to invest more during auspicious occasions is undeniable. Diwali is coming soon and the financial market is already getting prepared for the same. But before jumping into the decision, you must know where you should invest from your side. Many people tend to invest emotionally in various risky options. But this Diwali, there will be nothing like such hasted decision if you follow some simple tricks.

You must know some important facets of the financial market to have an effective investment. These are the following –

  • Analyze the market value
  • Know the market conditions before investing
  • Estimate your budget
  • Judge your need for investment
  • Do not invest emotionally
  • Be updated to the conditions of finance sectors

Some important sectors of investment you must know this Diwali

These are some most popular and important sectors of investments one can opt for this Diwali. But, it is always advised to know the risk factors before investing in any of these.

Investment in Precious Metals

Generally, common people try to invest in buying some costly metal items during the Diwali season.  These are gold, silver, and platinum. But the market value of these metals varies in every Diwali. So, it is better not to invest more than 8 percent of your total budget. Moreover, the price of platinum and gold always remains on the higher side. So, it might not be easy for everyone to afford such precious items.

Mutual Funds

Some people want to invest in mutual funds in Diwali. Undoubtedly, mutual funds are growing rapidly in Indian economies. Most of the young generations prefer to invest in mutual funds in a large amount. It will not only give you more return but also provide an instant lift to your finances. But mutual funds are always subjected to market risks. So always consult with a financial advisor before investing in mutual funds.


The trading window becomes wider during the Diwali season. The effects are seen not only in Indian exchanges but also in some international stocks. But it does not ascertain you about getting a risk-free benefit from it. The liquidity level in the market fluctuates during Diwali. So, there will be some percentage of risks when you invest in Equities.

Real estate investments

Many people try to invest in real estate during Diwali and Dhanteras. But some of them do not care about the rest of the savings left after such a huge investment. Real estate investments need plans. You should not choose it over small investment options. It is suggested that after years of savings and planning one should invest in real estate. This is not a short term investment plan. So, be wise while deciding on investments in such criteria.

Fixed deposits

Invest in fixed deposits (FDs) to avoid financial risks. This is the most favorite option for middle-class people. But you must know about the maturity period before investing. If you are not comfortable with longer maturity periods, then avoid.


Financial bonds are making an impressive base in the market. People expect a good return after investment. And bonds assure a safe investment plan. On this Diwali, invest in bonds if you are searching for a safer option.

NSC (National Savings Certificates)

Post Office investments are also beneficial for clients or investors. These are risk-free options for beginner investors. It will also a good return to you after a certain time.  You can also get the benefit of Income Tax under 80C.

PPF (Public Provident Fund)

If you are already in any service, you should opt for PPF in this Diwali.  Though PPF runs in a span of fifteen years it is a risk-free choice for all service holders. Invest in PPF as soon as possible you start your service career. You will also be able to save Taxes as a result. But you cannot invest more than 1.5 lakhs in a financial year.

So, here are some applicable ideas on investments you can follow in this Diwali to get the most out of it.  Choose the most appropriate one for getting a regular benefit from your investment.