Money Matters

Desire and Dare to be Rich

April 17, 2015 FinancePrimate 0

It irks my imagination that in a world blessed with streams of wealth; many are still living below poverty line. Every human being who reaches the age of understanding of the purpose of money wishes […]


How I Got Out of Debt

April 11, 2015 Levi Simonds 0

When I changed jobs a few years back, I also took a very large pay cut. Having earned a very good income for many years, I soon found myself swimming in debt and devoid of […]

Money Matters

How to become a millionaire

March 30, 2015 FinancePrimate 0

Who really needs a million dollars, anyway? Well, to tell you the truth, no one genuinely needs a million dollars, unless of course you are the owner of a multi-million dollar company and your everyday […]


What is a Charge Off?

January 23, 2015 Levi Simonds 0

A charge off is essentially when a company declares your debt as a financial loss in its records. You are still responsible for paying off your debt, however. You will just not be able to […]


Debt Settlement

January 20, 2015 Levi Simonds 0

If you are having problems managing your debt by yourself, you might consider outside help. You decide you don’t want to have your property repossessed, you certainly don’t want your credit score to plummet, and […]