6 Secrets to Financial Freedom

I forget exactly where I hear about Harv Ekers book The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind and it doesn’t matter, I’m just glad I did get a hold of it because it changed my life. What I loved about the book; it’s an easy read. It’s practical. What I liked about it even more was a free ticket to the Millionaire Mind Seminar.

I’ve taken quite a few seminars but I must say that Harv Ekers Millionaire Mind Intensive blew my mind. The energy in the room and the teaching techniques were amazing. Harv states that for us to become wealthy and financially free we must change our money blueprint. We all grew up with certain beliefs around wealth and money.

Whatever our parents, family members and teachers thought about money and wealth has subconsciously become our belief. Beliefs like “it takes money to make money”, or “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “rich people are greedy and corrupt” or “money is evil” and whatever else.

As long as we have these beliefs inside of us we won’t be able to change our financial situation even if we really want to or trying hard to do so. The change must come from the inside, from our mind. There are a lot of exercises in the book that help us understand our money beliefs and ways to install a new belief system around wealth and money. I realized that the more we buy into the news, the more we talk about “recession”, the more we find an excuse to justify WHY we are not financially free. It’s not our fault. It’s the economy. Or; We were never rich; it’s never going to happen. I was meant to be poor or middle class.

Everybody has different goals, not everyone wants to become a multi millionaire but let’s face it, we all would like to have more of the green stuff.

The more we have, the more we can give and contribute to the world. We all deserve it and actually owe it to ourselves as well as to our friends and family.

Secret 1: The #1 Reason People Don’t Succeed

People tend to not finish what they start. What’s your chance of winning a race if you don’t cross the finish line? No matter what you did prior to the finish line, you can’t win the race if you don’t cross that line. Completing what you start is the key to success, and frankly I think people don’t give it enough credit.

And guess what? When you repeatedly fail to finish what you’ve started, this behavior becomes a HABIT.

Secret 2: Millionaires make it a Habit

Integrity. This simply means that you have built trust with yourself. You know that you will do what you say you are going to do.

If you make commitments to yourself that you don’t keep, you train your mind to not do what you say you’re going to do… which means you’re training yourself to FAIL, and to fail habitually. To be a success, you must build a habit of integrity… In other words you have to do what you say you’re going to do

Secret 3: Fail to plan and you plan to Fail

Rule # 1. Know your objective!

In the very beginning, before you take any action, take some time and get really clear what your top priority goal is. Don’t listen to the urgencies in your life… try to listen to your inner voice and figure out what is most important. Don’t become busy running around losing track of where you are going. CLARITY leads to POWER.

Rule #2: You must have a plan

Now that you know what your goal is, you need to develop a plan of how to get there…you must have a sense of where to focus your energy and in what order to begin taking action. Can you get help with all of this? Yes. Getting people to support you and work together as a team. You can formulate a much better plan using the knowledge and skills of a whole team of people than you can by yourself. You have to do a plan, concrete and written, and start with something.

Rule #3: Know Your Obstacles Up Front

What challenges or obstacles may come up on the way to reaching your goal? If you don’t know plan for these, then when they come up – and, believe me, they will – they could take you out. Knowing your obstacles ahead of time will help you manage them and find away to overcome them rather than throw you off track, stop you and make you fail.

Rule #4: Start Small

There’s another secret that is so simple that it’s often overlooked… That secret is the importance of “starting small” when setting goals and building your plan for success…if you can’t handle the small things, how will you be able to handle the bigger things? Take one step at a time.

Rule #5: Get In The Game and Make A Decision

You need to know how to get in the game and start taking action… be willing to mess up a bit and correct along the way. You must realize that it’s never a straight shot to your goal… the universe doesn’t work like that.

Rule #6: Don’t Give Up

You have to make a commitment to yourself to not give up on your dreams. Sometimes the going may get rough, and you may need to change course… but persistence will ultimately bring you to your goal.

If you are willing to do what’s hard, life will be easy. But if you are only willing to do what’s easy, life will be very, very hard.

Secret 4: How to Conquer Procrastination, Regardless What Your Mood Is

Procrastination is one of those cases where your own mind takes you out. You say you’re going to do something and your habitual mind takes you out of the game. What does the mind (or Lower Self) always say?

“I don’t feel like it.”
“I’m not in the mood.”
“Maybe later.”

Where do these thoughts come from? Generally, they’re based on some type of fear… or, frankly, maybe you’re just being plain old lazy. Do some self-talk. Tell your mind, thanks for sharing, I know we are not in the mood but we said we would do it, so let’s get it done. Once you start, it will be easy. But you have to get yourself started. Set up a specific time frame for the task.

Not in the mood” is not present moment; in the present moment you’ll be in the mood for whatever you are doing, because present moment is Higher Self and with Higher Self there’s no “I don’t feel like it.” So, you get into action and start no matter what your mind is saying!

Secret 5: How to Increase Your Productivity by 400% (The 80/20 Rule)

People throw out their big dreams either because they don’t identify what their big dream is, or if they have, then they’re “too busy” to take action.

“As soon as I get this done…” That’s the habitual mind doing its thing… and next week it’s the same words.

To get beyond this, you must understand and be able to apply the 80/20 Rule. It goes like this: 20% of what you do gets you 80% of your results.

This is sometimes referred to as the Pareto principle.

This applies to your finances, business, happiness and relationships. Only 20% of your actions will give you 80%… so the goal is to figure out what those 20% activities are and focus on them and stop focusing on the other 80% that are getting you nowhere.

By simply applying this principle, you are able to put four times the time and energy into the things that get you all of your results… This means that you can get a 400% increase in your results!

Why would you spend 80% of your time doing things that don’t get you any results?

Bottom line: Decide what you want, determine what stops you from doing it and then focus your efforts on doing the 20% THAT GIVES you 80% of your results.

Secret 6: Keep Your Energy High

To be successful and achieve your goals, you’ve got to be able to generate and manage massive amounts of energy

Physical Energy

Your physical energy can be managed by making sure you’re in decent physical condition.

Another major factor in raising your physical energy is managing your breath. You need to breathe. Breathe, breathe, breathe, and breathe.

Our lungs have the capacity to hold 7 pints of oxygen, but most people only have 1 pint of oxygen in their lungs at any given moment… They’re simply not taking deep breaths.

Our life force is energy and breath is the connection to our life force. (You can live weeks without eating, but only minutes without breathing.)

Mental and Emotional Energy

Your energy level is very strongly affected by your mental and emotional state. It can quickly be depleted by upsets, anger, disappointments, sadness, boredom, long meetings or mental fatigue from working on a tough problem.