Have More Money at the End of Each Month: Secrets From the Rich on Increasing Wealth and Becoming Prosperous

Adjustable-rate mortgage

Pay yourself first

If you are working an 8-5 job or providing contracted consulting services, the advice is the same: pay yourself first. Whenever you receive a paycheck, the first 10 percent goes right into your long-term investment fund. Make this your highest priority from your first job and you will set yourself up for a wealthy future. Learn how to invest and make this account your launching pad.

Work a steady job, but find other work that pays better

Your 8-5 job is what is going to pay the bills for quite awhile during your life. Yet your after-hours and before-hours of the day job is when you can be working on other streams of income that may actually be more lucrative but probably not steady streams for many years. Keep your day job while you cultivate these extra streams of income until they can sufficiently support you and keep growing your investment accounts or give you enough seed money for other projects.

Make more than you spend. Many people are living paycheck to paycheck

If this is you, there are a few things you can do: cut down your living expenses so that you spend less each month, or find a job where you are making more money than you are now. For many people, however, it will never matter how much they make, they will always spend everything – if now more – than they earn. But if you genuinely are living below your means but there still isn’t enough to pay the basic living expenses, then you should start looking to increase your skills so that you can earn more.

Look for opportunities

Do you see a need in your community that is not being filled? When you see these types of opportunities, see if you can develop a business plan that would not only fill that need, but make you (and others) wealthy. Keep your eyes open but better yet, be open to the possibilities that are all around you.

Your attitude makes a difference

What sort of attitude do you project? Would people describe you as happy? Content? Energetic? If you are a drain to spend time with because your outlook on life and money wears people down, your chances for success are going to be limited. If you’re going to take on the challenge of creating and building wealth, then do it because you enjoy the process, you’re happy to work hard and you’re excited to see what each new day holds for you.

The richest people in the world all have some qualities in common and these tips are some of the bedrock habits they all subscribe to either consciously or subconsciously. If you want to join the ranks of the millionaires and billionaires of today, you will want to evaluate their habits and model your life accordingly. Sometimes, it’s as easy as changing your attitude and your outlook