Be the Millionaire or Billionaire Next Door: Secrets for Success

Be the millionaire or billionaire next door: secrets for success 1

Read Books

You need to get yourself into the millionaire mindset and that means you need to change the way you think about money. Read the classics and expand your thinking. The must-read books are: The Richest Man in Babylon (Clason), Think and Grow Rich (Hill), Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Kiyosaki), The Millionaire Next Door (Stanley), and How to Win Friends & Influence People (Carnegie).

Learn the Value of Money and Ways to Save Money

Advertising is a big business. But the goal of advertisers is to get you to spend money – even money you don’t have. For every item you spend, figure out its true cost: how many hours will you have to work in order to pay for that? Use this question to decide if this is something you really need or that you want badly enough to work that hard for. If the answer is no, then put the money back in your wallet.

Master the Basics of Personal Finance

Knowing how to manage your money – even if you don’t have that much to track – is the best way to start your journey to wealth and financial independence. Use the Internet to find tutorials on budgeting, find calculators to determine loan amounts after interest, or to find the best prices and rates on credit cards, travel, or your next household purchase.

Be a Savvy Shopper

Look for sales, buy at warehouses and if you can find a good deal wait a bit and find an even better deal. You don’t need to be an early adopter for all the new technology. Waiting even six months will net better prices and deals.

Wants and Needs are Different

Once you learn the difference between what you want and what you need, spending decisions will become much easier. The more you can put off your wants, the more money you will have to save or invest – money that will be the vehicle to reach your first millions.

Educate Yourself on the Types of Investments

Which type of investments appeal to you? Are you fascinated by the stock market? Are you more interested in buying real estate? How about starting your own business? Whatever you passion, learn everything you can about the way your chosen field works. Since this will be the method you use to catapult your life, read and study the industries and learn how to succeed.

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

There is nothing more energizing than several people who think similarly about how they want to live, their goals and their financial dreams. Spend time with people who also want to succeed, who also have a plan for creating wealth and are determined to accept only the best.

Develop a Philosophy

You need to have your own mantra, something that you tell yourself over and over that will help you stay focused on your goal to become a millionaire. Make it short and simple, easy to memorize and then while you’re driving or completing mundane tasks, you can meditate on it.

Avoid What Everyone Else is Doing

Just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is right for you. Be aware of what lots of people latch onto and look for ways that you can profit on that popularity, but if it’s not for you, don’t be afraid to pass.

Be a Doer

Don’t be afraid to act, to get your feet wet, or to fail. You won’t learn unless you have some failures along the way.