Beginner Online Stock Market Investing Advice

Beginner online stock market investing advice 1

For the beginner stock market investing can be very intimidating. You are putting your hard earned cash on the line for a pieces of paper that may or may not turn into more money. Or worse, cost you all of your initial investment.

That is why all of us, at one point or another, seek stock market investing advice. It takes a strong person to recognize that they are not the end all be all on a subject. It can also be horribly humbling to admit that you do not know enough and must seek help with online stock market investing.

But everyone must do it at some point. Some choose the quiet introverted route of buying book after book, or even purchasing video programs to help them improve their online stock market investing game plan. Others will opt to join mastermind groups where they can learn from like minded people who have already learned from the hard lessons they encountered early on in their beginner stock market investing days.

The craziest of all, in my humble opinion, are those that opt to learn by taking the lumps themselves. Although easily the most difficult to stomach, I believe this method will teach people the fastest. Granted, this form of stock market investing carries with it heightened risk. Particularly if you are buying into stocks under 5.00 which carry with them an inherent increase risk through volatility.

What is the best stock market investing advice I can give?

Simple. Make mistakes. Get the hell out there and start putting up or shutting up. Put your money where your mouth is, or you will never make it out of the beginner stock market investing phase. You have to learn. The only way to TRULY learn, is to do. If you do not do, then you may learn, but you will not gain the experience and/or confidence required of a seasoned investor.

Set aside some money you can afford to lose. If you make or, more realistically, lose money. Set more aside that you can afford to lose and do it again. Continue to pay your dues to gain experience. Eventually, and some will encounter this sooner than others, you will start losing less and gaining more. Once you have done so then you will become more confident in yourself as an investor begin moving out of the beginner stock market investing phase.

Even if you have to start with $100, just do it. Nut up and do what has to be done. It is only a gamble until you understand enough about online stock market investing that you can form a strategy. Then, it becomes investing and not gambling.

Perhaps my beginner online stock market investing advice is falling on deaf ears. But for your sake I hope that is not the case.