Beginner Stock Market Investing – Pay Your Dues!

Beginner stock market investing – pay your dues! 1

Beginner stock market investing is the phase we all begin with. This is the part of being an investor that is both the most painful and the most difficult. This is the point in an investor’s life when they take the most uneducated risk and make (usually) the least number of gains.

However, if i were to give any stock market investing advice, then I would say that this is a ‘necessity’ stage. Something that must be endured to ensure success in the long run. Think of being a beginner and losing money as ‘paying dues’. Every occupation has a form of paying dues. The information technology sector will often claim that tech support is paying dues before joining the ranks of help desk, and network administration.

School is more often the form of paying dues for industries like medical and law. And so investing also has a form of paying dues. In other words, to be a successful investor you must take your lumps in one way or another. Often you can get by with the proper education and minimal amount of monetary casualty. But more likely, you will lose what you would consider substantial before you ever begin to meet even mediocre success.

So it comes down to a very real gut check. Can you stomach losing money on the stock market? If the answer is no, then get the hell out. Don’t waste your time. Find something else to do with your money. But if you really feel like you can stand to lose a few bucks and be fine afterward, then online stock market investing just may be for you.

But the only real way to know for sure is to step up to the plate and swing for the fences. Just make sure you don’t put enough on the line that you can’t try again. The important thing is to keep trying and learning until you succeed. Learn from your failed trades. Failure is only failure if you are not able to learn from the situation.

In the end it all comes down to the fact that beginner stock market investing is something we all have to endure. If you are strong enough to handle the dips, then I hope to see you at the finish line after you have paid your dues!