Can you get a student loan with bad credit?

Can you get a student loan with bad credit? 1

Yes, you can get a student loan with bad credit.  Most people naturally assume getting a student loan with bad credit is impossible, and too bad for them!  Once you get a loan you’ll be studying at the college/university of your choice in no time!

First I’d just like to point out one thing.  You should never let disadvantages keep you down, financial or otherwise.  You can accomplish anything you want to in life.  Read that last sentence again.

Money should not play a deciding factor in whether you go to college or not.  The U.S. understands this and has instituted many programs to help “would be” college students.  If this is your goal than reach out, squeeze it by the balls, and hold on!  Anything is possible.  People who achieve goals on a consistent basis are usually the ones who hold on to the vision while the majority give up, let go, and fail.  Anyway, back to how to get a student loan with back credit..

I’m assuming you either already have (or plan to) your G.E.D or High School Diploma.  I’m also assuming you know which college you want to attend.  The first thing you need to do is schedule an appointment with someone in either the financial aid department or the admissions office.  It is wise to call ahead of time to see if an appointment is required.  Some colleges will limit your visit to 10-15 minutes without an appointment, while others don’t take walk-ins at all.

During the meeting you will have a chance to ask questions.  The person you speak with should inform you of the kinds of financial aid that are available to students. Either he will refer you to the financial aid department or he will handle it himself.  You will be instructed to fill out several forms (FAFSA) being one of the most important ones.  During that meeting they will evaluate your specific financial needs and recommend a plan of action.  Make sure you bring either a notebook or a pen/paper with you – as there will be many important things you need to do/remember.

Most students usually receive financial aid in the form of grants.  Grants are money given to you by a specific entity (such as the federal government or non profit funds held by organizations) that you DO NOT have to pay back.  Grants usually only cover a small portion of your tuition, but for low costing community colleges they may cover everything.

During your meeting your counselor will probably suggest applying for one of the federal loan programs (such as a Stafford loan).  Government aid is well…backed by the government.  It’s because of this that you can get a student loan with bad credit.  You can have the worst credit on the planet and you can still get a loan.  Credit does not play a factor, on the contrary financial need does play one.

So, go meet with someone in your college now, and don’t delay!

Now, can you get a student loan with bad credit? Now is the time to try and find the answer out for yourself, go apply for some government backed loans!