My Clothes and My Finances


One of the things I feel guilty about is my wardrobe. Sometimes I feel like I am not “girly” enough because my clothing pile is very slim-especially now. If I were to examine all my shirts, I am pretty sure that almost half of them would be filled with holes. I am almost afraid to go into my closet right now because of what I might find. Despite this, I find myself feeling bad every time I think about clothing shopping. Maybe it’s because of the constrained budget I have just recently been under. Perhaps it’s my newly adopted minimalism. Maybe its because I have been feeling cheap lately. Whatever the reason, buying clothes has not been at the top of my list.

I used to be really into clothes. Never to an insane degree, but I remember being super excited to go shopping at least once a month or so. I would buy earrings, necklaces, fashionable tops, skirts, whatever I thought was cute and usually on sale. As old as the story goes, I look back on it as now as a way of trying to fit, especially in those all too important high school years. It all seems so silly now. There was more than one time where I felt like I had wasted good money buying things that I didn’t even like the next day or didn’t even wear. Looking at all that wasted money, it became one of the reasons for the catalyst for me being more careful with cash.

I think lately, though, I have been a little too over careful with spending money at least on spending on clothes. As referenced before, my closet has been looking rather sad lately, and I really can’t justify not getting some new stuff. My boyfriend has been experiencing the same thing as well. We both are looking rather raggedy these days. I think I am going to take my next paycheck and spend it on some much-needed clothes for us. With the credit card debt finally paid off, I need to put some effort into getting some much-needed clothing. Although I have resolved to do this, I feel this sense of guilt. It irks me a little bit that I feel like this when it is something I really need. I am going to have to get over it.

Have you ever felt guilty getting something that you needed? Have you ever felt like you needed to put it off even more?