Financial down falls to great budgeting

Financial down falls to great budgeting 1

Financial down falls to great budgeting. This is fairly easy to do when you budget. Budgeting is not just a puzzle but an art with numbers that if you don’t budget wisely you’ll find yourself going against your own budget. With being in debt, such as I am due to credit card use, I have found that I am very up tight about the income that we get and where it goes. I find that I am almost changing my budget monthly. I had taken accounting courses and so when it comes down to balancing the cash flow I go a little over board. I also seem to make it hard on the rest of my family doing this as well.

The most common down fall to a great budget is how tight it is. And I know that for anyone that is in debt and wants to get rid of the debt that they are going, well we have to, to get out of debt. Yeah I was there. I know all about trying so hard to get out of debt and getting in worse for things that I still couldn’t pay. What I was doing was that I would calculate the amount of income that we got and make the budget and make sure that it was clear that anything that was left over after the budget was done was extra payments on credit cards or loans. That gave us no savings, that gave us no emergency funds, and that gave us no life.

The financial down fall of great budgeting. Because the high priority was to eliminate the debt didn’t equate the fact that stress was not getting relieved by not having fun. That made things slightly harder for us and put strain on our relationship. With that I again, revised the budget. I calculated entertainment and savings and emergency funds into the equation. That helped a lot. And although our debt load wasn’t getting paid off as fast as I would have liked I can say that we have a better time sticking to the budget.

With every budget there is always something that gets left out and that is where most people go where did it go? Where has the money gone? That is also the point that you can say that once you trail off the budgeting once maybe it’s time to make some changes in the budget and the personal spending. It takes a lot for a budget to work and that is where things go wrong. Because the necessary changes that need to be personal changes aren’t made. The sacrifices aren’t legit and that creates hardship in relationships and in financial dealings.

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