How to become a millionaire

Who really needs a million dollars, anyway?

Well, to tell you the truth, no one genuinely needs a million dollars, unless of course you are the owner of a multi-million dollar company and your everyday transactions involving millions of dollars could make or break your entire company. Most of us can live off of an income with 6 figures or less. But the thought of having that new car or paying off the mortgage will get you thinking, how can I make the money to get these things that I want?

Go on a game show

Do you ever find yourself sitting at home and watching Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune, frustrated when the contestants get questions wrong that you know the answers to? Or the phrase is so simple, yet none of them can think of it until they have guessed almost every letter? Well, maybe you should think about actually applying to be on one of these game shows. Some game shows require you to fill out tests and things in order to be eligible to compete, but for others it takes merely a letter or application.

Enter into sweepstakes

There are thousands of sweepstakes out there that you could enter by simply filling out your name and address. Most of them cost you nothing to enter, as well, just the 5 minutes of your time required to fill out the form. You may even find a contest where you can win the car that you wanted in the first place. There are also online sweepstakes like iWon that give you entries for every search you do or every link you follow.

The double-a-penny concept

Did you know that if you double a penny just 27 times, you have a million dollars? This isn’t as easy as you might think, though. It would be extremely difficult to double $671 088.64. There is a website called moola that will allow you to do this by playing simple games against opponents trying to do the same thing. The games aren’t necessarily games of skill, but it makes it more fun and a little bit easier, yet undoubtedly more frustrating as you lose in the higher levels of the game.

Get a good job

Probably the most logical option for you. CEOs of companies can have million-dollar salaries that they have earned from merely rising through the ranks of the company. Let’s not forget Bill Gates, either, who is worth billions of dollars because he started his own company that succeeded. If you have a good, original idea, you could be the next Bill Gates or start up the biggest company since Google. The presidents of some of these companies earn more than even the president of the United States, who sits on a measley four hundred thousand per year compared to the billions of dollars generated by Google.

Choose your own adventure

Obviously there are many other ways to earn a million dollars. You just have to have the motivation and not get stuck in the mindset that being a millionaire is something attainable only from inheritances or playing the lottery. You have to get out there and do something if you’re going to get rid of your credit card debt, pay off that second mortgage, put your kids through post-secondary education, and have a little bit extra left over for yourself. Don’t just sit around, waiting for lottery numbers to match up. The chances don’t always have to be one-in-a-million.