Money Wisdom

And you think it’s all problems that you get from having no money. Dead wrong! You actually benefit on that … personally!

The wisdom you get from being financially distressed are as follows:

  1. You learn to budget (and plan financial solutions)
  2. You learn to switch off unnecessary lights and unplug electric equipment
  3. You learn to schedule the use of your PC and AC
  4. You learn self-control (no impulse-buying)
  5. You learn to save on everything (no eating out, watch old movies on tv instead of renting dvds)
  6. You learn the road short-cuts to save on gas (hey, you’re even improving your navigational skills!)
  7. You learn to read newspapers and ads (what’s on sale, clearances, promos, roll-backs, discount coupons)
  8. You learn to discover and be creative (i.e. recycling)
  9. You learn to be patient (a virtue indeed!)
  10. You learn to pray (hopefully)

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