GATE 2021 Results: How marks will be Normalized?

As the GATE exams are approaching, students are more curious about the calculation and the normalization process. The normalization process analyses candidates appearing for the GATE on the 5th February to 14th February 2021. This article will educate the process of counting the marks of GATE exams.

The GATE examination conducted for MTech and PSU recruitment. Generally, the GATE papers are calculated at once, but some have to count in shifts/sessions. GATE uses the normalization process to calculate the final marks, obtained by the students following the exam held in multiple sessions.

Why is the Normalization of Marks Necessary? 

Every year the difficulty level differs from the previous one. The exams conducted under IIT Delhi, have variant slots and time accordingly. Here, the normalization process works as a mediator and is justified with marks.

The difference in GATE scores and normalization scores

There are two different formulas and methods to calculate the GATE scores and normalization scores. The following points elaborate on both the process of calculation.

  • The GATE scores have records on the scorecard of GATE. The normalizing process utilized in case of multiple sessions and the results showed up in GATE scores.
  • GATE scores used to calculate the final marks. To calculate the final score of the students, the board does not use the normalizing score.
  • Not all the students who sat for the GATE exams use the normalization score. Passed students have the privilege of the same.

Formula to Calculate the Score

The standard deviation and formula to calculate the scores of multiple sessions in GATE examination. The actual formula is as follows:

Mij=Mg – Mg\ Mti – Miq ( Mif-Miq)+Mg

t q\ q


  • Mij is the marks obtained in the session
  • Mgt is the average marks obtained in the session
  • Mgq the solution of standard deviation and mean of all sessions
  • Mti refers to one session’s average marks
  • Miq the solution of mean and standard deviation for one session

Scorecard of GATE 2021

After appearing for the GATE examination, students will receive obtained marks. The GATE 2021 result will be declared on the 22 March 2021; hence, the students who will qualify in the exams will get their results. The GATE examination results are foremost, as most of the organization admissions rely upon GATE scores. For further details, visit the GATE website. There are more details about the GATE exams—the marks obtained by the students, integrity of the score, and the exam. A student’s GATE examination scores are significant only before three years. After completing three years of the exam, the student cannot take admissions based on GATE results. The candidate must re-apply to get an acknowledgement.

The ranking is all India based. Total marks are out of 100. After scoring the minimum passing marks in UG program, the candidates can sit for the GATE examination.

Eligibility Criteria for GATE Examinations 2021

This year the eligibility criteria are based on IIT Bombay. The IIT Bombay and IIT Bangalore decide the eligibility every year in an alternative way. The criteria are the qualifying marks, exam and qualifying year.

The GATE exams are crucial for the candidates applying for ME, MTech and PhD throughout the country’s engineering colleges. The PSU (Public Sector Undertaking) relevant while recruitment. Therefore, before appearing for GATE examinations, meet the minimum marks to apply for the exams.

  • IIT Bombay included Humanities and Social Science along with the Environmental Science and Engineering(ES). The new number of GATE syllabus is 27.
  • Now, candidates with minimum 10+2+3 eligibility can also apGateply for GATE examinations.
  • Candidates can opt for their combination of papers according to their preferences.

For more details about GATE 2021, visit at

The Growing Student: Sex, Drugs and … Health?

With a busy schedule of partying, experimenting, disobeying their parents, further experimenting, and (of course) receiving a 4.0-grade average, a student tends to forget perhaps the most important aspect of living—health.

Taking into consideration the rising numbers of smoking, pregnancy, drug use, alcohol consumption, malnutrition, and obesity among young adults, it seems appropriate now more than ever for a student to receive proper, quality health insurance. This demographic tends to live invincibly. Many believe themselves to be indestructible, as though nothing dangerous can happen to them, even while staring danger in the face. This vicarious attitude may add an intended flavor to their lives, but it’s almost as if an overdose could lead to poison.

Debauchery in Numbers

So they wear the shortest skirts, drive the fastest cars, and eat the greasiest pizzas. What are the numbers saying about teens and young adults?

  • SMOKING: A third of all smokers began smoking at age 14. Almost ninety percent of all smokers began smoking at age 21.
  • PREGNANCY: In the United States, one in ten babies is born from a teen mother. Three-quarters of a million teens between 15 and 19 become pregnant each year.
  • DRUGS: On an average day, 586,000 adolescents used marijuana, about 49,000 adolescents used inhalants, 27,000 used hallucinogens (e.g., Ecstasy and other club drugs), 13,000 used cocaine, and 3,800 used heroin.
  • ALCOHOL: Among persons aged 18- to 22-years-old, 18 percent of full-time undergraduates were heavy drinkers compared with 12 percent of those who were not full-time undergraduates.
  • MALNUTRITION: About one out of every one hundred young women between ten and twenty are starving themselves, sometimes to death. Four percent of college-aged women have bulimia. One percent of female adolescents have anorexia. Researchers at Harvard University Medical School have new data that suggests that up to 25 percent of adults with eating disorders are male.
  • OBESITY: About 31 percent of American teenage girls and 28 percent of boys are somewhat overweight. An additional 15 percent of American teen girls and nearly 14 percent of teen boys are obese.

In the United States, approximately three-fourths of all deaths among persons aged 10-24 years result from only four causes: motor-vehicle crashes, other unintentional injuries, homicide, and suicide. There are several options of low-cost student health insurance available, and it is much better to be safe than to be sorry.

Investigate Before Investing Into Any Cash Gifting Program

In this fast-paced world that we live in today, you can never really tell what or how things will turn out for you. Oftentimes, numerous unexpected events happen. Furthermore, when such unfortunate events occur, numerous individuals find themselves in a dire predicament because they don’t have any fallback plans.

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On top of that, because cash gifting is primarily based on leadership and teamwork, it will be more advantageous if you can practice these traits. Cash gifting programs are usually in the nature of membership programs. When people join, they’re entitled to give cash gifts to other members while they get to receive cash as well. The growth of an individual’s earnings will rely on the people he or she will recruit to the membership.

It’s very important to do your due diligence prior to going into any form of investment. The business of cash gifting is just as prone as any other business venture and should thus be explored with caution. Most of the time, because people think that it is an effortless way to make money, they try to deceive the newcomers by promising them amazing rewards and benefits. It is a good idea to search for a lot of cash gifting programs and see them firsthand before making decisions. This is a good way to get to know more about the business while protecting yourself from being a victim of a cash gifting scam.