Two Kinds of Investment Properties to Consider

Two kinds of investment properties to consider 1

Owning property is part of the Western definition of success.  Investment properties have stayed popular because property holds and steadily increases in value.  Recently, rental properties have also emerged as ideal investment opportunities.  Those considering such investments should know that while rental properties may generate more income than waiting for an undeveloped lot to increase in value, but they also require a whole lot more time and work.

Rental Properties

Many people choose to make their property investments in rental properties because people will pay a fee just to live or use them.  The income is much more obvious and immediate.  Even if you think you already know everything you need to know to run a rental property, do yourself a favor by becoming informed about laws in the area.  The important things to know are the legal details of the tax laws, standards your property must meet to be considered habitable, and all of the paperwork.  Messing up in any one of these areas could cost you dearly since most of the laws about landlord and tenant relationships tend to favor the tenants in most disputes that arise.  As more people specialize in working the system to gain their own advantage you will find out that choosing your tenants carefully will save you a lot of hassle and money.  Demographic information is also important in choosing your rental property.  If the commercial center of town is showing signs of moving in a certain direction you want to be in that area, not in the old building someone is selling because they can’t keep it full of tenants.  In short, doing quality research on the laws and the area will pay off when you finally get your rental property and start looking for tenants.

Undeveloped Properties

While rental properties are a relatively new pursuit for average people, the traditional approach of buying investment property and waiting for it to become more valuable is still alive and well.  Such property investments are usually purchased near a town or city so that as it expands and needs more land the property can be sold for a much larger amount.  Land is a very logical investment because it is a limited natural resource; it will become more in demand and therefore more valuable as long as population continues to increase.  Despite all these advantages, property investment contains some risk.  Don’t let the enduring value of land as an investment fool you into thinking that a property investment needs to be less researched than others.  Doing your research can keep you from making mistakes like buying an  investment property for a really great price and later finding out that it has really expensive property taxes.  An investment property calculator that has all of the required functions is essential for determining the right price for a property before buying.