Variations in Annuity Investments

Variations in annuity investments 1

When looking into annuity investments, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the different terms. In order to understand the variation of annuity products you need to learn about all the concepts. One can explain annuities by describing every part. For example, annuities can be fixed or indexed. There are also variable annuities. It’s important to know that most annuities are part of these three categories. To find the best financial option you need to be well informed. Try to learn about every variation of the annuity products before making a decision of which one to invest in.

Fixed rate annuities provide fixed dollar payments with a fixed interest rate. The variable annuities will allow variable dollar amounts. The indexed and variable annuities will depend on the market.

Another notable point is that all types of annuities are classified in two big categories. The annuities can be immediate or deferred. Depending on your individual  situation, either one might be a better choice.

The immediate annuity will have a very fast distribution. The deferred annuity will start distribution after a period of time. You have the option to pay both annuities with a single payment. For the deferred annuity you can also choose to setup a periodic payment plan. This will allow you to pay an amount of money every month. It’s up to you what type of annuity you choose.

Another way to classify annuities is according to the distribution period. This way an annuity contract can be made for a fixed period of time or for lifetime. The person with whom the contract is based upon is called the annuitant. It’s also interesting to know that you can create an account with more than one life insured, and establish it so that the account terminates upon either the first death or the last death.