Financial Planning

Financial Planning Guide: Covering Your Bases

November 4, 2017 FinancePrimate 0

A financial plan’s foundation includes: handling your living expenses comfortably, keeping adequate emergency reserves, protecting yourself and your family with insurance and making investments to help reach future goals. Financial planners recommend saving at least […]

Financial Planning

New Job? – Let’s get RICH!

October 12, 2017 FinancePrimate 0

Graduates, if you just got yourself a brand-spanking new FIRST REAL JOB, you are in a position to strike it rich! You are the lucky ones! To get rich, the first thing you need to […]

Financial Planning

Money managers

February 11, 2016 FinancePrimate 0

Is the amount of money you earn sufficient to allow you to live comfortably? If you are similar to the majority of the people in the UK, the answer is no. It does not seem […]