Children and Money

Children and Money

Survival Guide for Parents of Teens: Money!

August 18, 2015 0

Teens are great. They are becoming adults and exploring the world. They are going through many changes both physically and mentally. They often are driven by over-active hormones that they don’t understand. As a parent […]

Children and Money

Teaching Your Kids How to Manage Finances

July 22, 2015 0

Money gives people- both young and-old decision-making opportunities. Educating, motivating and empowering children to become regular savers and investors will enable them to keep more of the money they earn and do more with the […]

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The Power of Compounding

by Fiona Colston in Investment Ideas 2

AT THE HEART of sound investment theory is a simple calculus known as the Power of Compounding. I know – it sounds like the punch line to a joke you might overhear at a CPA [...]


Stock Investing

Money Matters

  • Always pay your necessities first, including bills, child’s needs, food etc. Once your necessities are out of the way, keep some personal money and put the rest into a savings account, be sure to make [...]
  • In order to remember well this article, I have here an acoustic of the Word “CASH”. C-hange Your Lifestyle In order to increase your cash flow, there might be some changes in your lifestyle. The [...]
  • How to Save Your Cash

    August 3, 2015 0
    There is a lot of talk about cash, jobs and the economy right now, all over the world. People are worried that they could have to take a pay cut, or worse, could lose their [...]
  • “I want to be financially independent!” Jim stated as he walked into my office. “Tell me how in ten minutes.” “In ten words,” I responded quickly. “Win a big lottery, marry a rich someone or [...]
  • In the times that we live in today, money matters are a big deal. The economy is dropping and good jobs are much more difficult to come by than they previously were. With so much [...]